Daily Life In India

Life in India is very different from America. The way the people drive is way different! Go to the front page to view the video, and look at it! NO ACCIDENTS!

A picture of a part of India

Here is a picture of normal every day life in india. notice that people mostly have motorcycles, motor scooter, and mopeds. 

Ups and downs of daily life

Daily life in India has its ups and downs. India is a has parts that are poor and parts that are average then theres rich. Life in India is hard and easy.The average have it ok and the poor have it hard but the rich have easy. Jobs in India is hard specially with all that traffic. Do to India's weather and global warming the air is polluted and people die. Community and and other things has ups and downs. The plumbings system is advanced but some buildings are poorly made.People work as hard as they can to earn money and have a good life.

Some of the things India's men do!

This man is taking home some coal!